RITA MITA MAID -              Building relations, not burning locations!
 A division of Woodmans Contracting Services where we Reno, Demo, Specialize in TI's (Tenant Improvements) Residential and Commercial Cleaning, plus Fire and Flood Restorations.
RITA MITA MAID is a ONE-STOP cleaning & building services company that's also been a part of the film industry for over 10 years.
We have since expanded to Commercial Fire and Flood Fire Restorations along with Commercial Tenant Improvements, including retail stores development, from the demo to the finished product. Our clients are: Laura Canada, Melanie Lyne, (including Park Royal, Victoria & Kelowna).
RITA MITA MAID'S Specialized Services Division:
Ok, we do some weird  places where no man has gone before, like a 'Beaver Lodge' diorama for Science World in 2011. 
Due  to recent 'Reno's' at Science World, we were asked to come in a handle the restoration cleaning of a built to spec 'Beaver Lodge' and of course Science World was happy that we are GREEN.
Before and after shots of  200 sq. ft. of a display diorama during renovations.
FALL 2011
The list goes on. We've done the Art Gallery, Royal Canadian Mint Building during Olympics, Movie Sets like the ongoing series 'Psych' at North Shore Studios, airplanes and hangars, Rock Star tour buses,  just to mention a few.
Residential Move Out Cleaning:
Because our crews are fluent in English, communication plays a crucial part whether you need help cleaning a 1 Bedroom condo or a 50,000 sq. ft. sound stage from the joists all the way down to the floors; studio and set cleaning; or just an awesome top to bottom clean for a your precious home. We'll be the ones that you trust in getting the job done on time.
We use Eco-Certified Cleaning Solutions
All our Residential Clients love us as they know
Rita Mita Maid's products are safe when cleaning around their children and pets. The 'air' is so much better after we're done. We care about your health and our cleaning staff's overall well being. You can feel the clean.
WE know it starts at home. If your environment is 'toxic'
and full of chemicals, so too will be your bodies. This will effect the way you think and feel. Many studies have been made to substantiate the effects on how most 'oil based' cleaners wreak havoc in our daily lives. You'll be amazed on how the right products will actually clean better and cost less in the long run.
Listed with The BC Film Commission, Reel Green BC.
Seriously,  in today's world, security and safety play big when inviting a Cleaning company into your home or work place. One can't be too careful and I can assure you, there's never been a problem on our record concerning theft. It's something you need to be thinking about before inviting just anyone into your home. Make sure that they can show you their Insurance papers and that everything is up to date!
Although our main expertise is Film Studio & Location and Fire and Flood Restoration cleaning, we're diversified enough not to turn down Your business including, New Construction, Residential Move Ins & Outs, and Janitorial Cleaning.
We Specialize in Post Construction Cleaning!

We get your damage deposit back $$$
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